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The Vanguard Research Group

VRG is a CRO specializing in behavioral health research utilizing a network of real-world community treatment centers and academic mental health sites.

Our mission at The Vanguard Research Group is to connect real world treatment centers with the opportunity to participate in research. We feel it is important to test new treatments in settings where clients are routinely treated in order to advance the care of severe mental illness.

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The Vanguard Research Group helps sponsors and CROs succeed in their clinical trials by...

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The Vanguard Research Group connects mental health clinics and community mental...

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The Vanguard Research Group assists with studies that include new therapies & treatment...

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Vanguard Research Group and VRG's behavioral health research services

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JPS Behavioral Health Service JPS Health Network
"Over the past four years, the Vanguard Research Group has provided the support that our Behavioral Health Research Division needed to launch and build the infrastructure necessary to add a clinical research arm within our system's large clinical practice. VRG staff are experienced, well-trained, ethical researchers dedicated to producing the kind of rigorous, practical science that really can benefit patients in the future. They are discerning in the studies they promote, and they provide the kind of mentoring and oversight that gives us pride in our local contributions to this challenging work. Highly recommended! "
Cindy Claassen, PhD
Director, Division of Psychology
PeaceHealth Medical Group, Eugene OR
Prior to working with Vanguard Research Group, we had never participated in clinical research. The staff at Vanguard provided all the training and technical support we needed to integrate clinical research into our community mental health clinic. They were with us every step of the way, making sure we had all the tools and support we needed to be successful. Participating in clinical trials supported by Vanguard has allowed us to greatly enhance our array of services to our community and connected us to leading experts in behavioral health. In addition to offering cutting-edge treatment options and staff training, participating in research has helped us with engagement and retention of clients. We highly recommend!
Carla Gerber LCSW / Coleen Hudkins QMHP
Clinical Manager of Behavioral Health Services / Clinical Research Coordinator
The Harris Center for Mental Health & IDD
The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD elected to engage as a site in Vanguard’s Research Consortium because we are determined to identify and support large scale behavioral health research that is inclusive of the underserved populations we serve. In addition to being a great opportunity to provide our clients access to new treatment initiatives, it has provided an opportunity for some of team members with an interest in research to engage in efforts allowing them to spend most of their time continuing to deliver exceptional care to those we serve.
Wayne Young, MBA, LPC, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer
Northwell Health Logo