Vanguard Research Group Services

Sites & Investigators

VRG’s mission is to connect real world treatment centers with the opportunity to participate in research. There is a strong argument for testing new treatments in real life settings where clients are routinely treated to advance their care.

Please help us to help your clients by adding or extending research activities at your agency, VRG will streamline the process to make it as easy as possible. Whether you have experience in research or research is completely new to you and your staff, VRG is here to help. VRG conducts trainings to get you started, helps with contracts and budget negotiations, with the day-to-day management of research projects and anything related to the project you choose.

VRG conducts many different types of trials testing new treatments including:

  • New therapies
  • New service programs
  • Different types of technology
  • Medication treatments / regimens

We provide support for all the different types of trial sponsored by federal or industry entities and also include investigator-initiated trials.

Potential Benefits of Joining VRG

Benefits may include:

  • Training on a variety of clinical processes, assessments, outcome measures, and clinical standards which can be used in your routine clinical practice
  • Access to new medicines and/or new treatment initiatives
  • Access to experts in the field
  • Support, either financial and/or resource is available for any trial in which you choose to participate

There is no cost connected with seizing this opportunity to move the mental health field forward!

For more information, please contact us.