Learn About Joining VRG - The Vanguard Research Group

Community and academic mental health centers benefit by joining the VRG site network

  • VRG staff will meet with your center to learn more about your organization and what types of research programs interest you
  • You will be offered the opportunity to learn about potential research programs as they become available
  • Access to webinars about clinical topics of interest and ongoing research in the behavioral health field

Advantages of Joining VRG

  • Training on a variety of clinical processes, assessments, out-come measures, and clinical standards which can be used in your routine clinical practice
  • Access to experts in the field
  • Access to new medicines and/or new treatment initiatives
  • Support, either financial and/or resources are available for any trial in which you choose to participate

There is no cost connected with seizing this opportunity to be part of a team specializing in behavioral health research!

If your site or center is interested in learning more about working with us and the benefit of a partnership, Joining VRG button.

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