Vanguard Research Group Leadership

Priya Matneja, Director Program Operations at VRG Contact For Potential Clinical Trial Participants

Priya Matneja

Director Program

Priya’s current role is Assistant Director, Program Operations at the Vanguard Research Group. She started her Northwell Health career over 15 years ago, and successfully continues to make contributions to numerous clinical research programs. She felt fortunate after joining VRG, “to discover that the commitment and passion displayed by the leadership inspired her to redouble her efforts to bring new treatments to those suffering from mental health issues”. Her experience, first as a coordinator, and then as a program manager, has exposed her to all aspects of clinical trials and allows her to work closely with sponsors and community mental health clinics.

Priya received her BA in Psychology from Queens College, and is currently working toward a Master’s Degree in Psychology as well. In her spare time, Priya enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and travelling.

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