Vanguard Research Group Leadership

Patricia Marcy Executive Director at The Vanguard Research Group Helping Sponsors and CROs.

Patricia Marcy

Executive Director

Patricia is the Executive Director of the Vanguard Research Group. She has spent the last 8 years of her career working with community mental health clinics across the country. Patricia, “finds it energizing to be able to partner with clinicians in the community on implementing new treatments and improving the care of their patients.”

Patricia started her career at The University of Michigan Hospital and then spent 7 years at Pfizer, Inc. in clinical operations before moving to Northwell Health. Prior to her position in Vanguard, she was the Director, Clinical Research Programs in Psychiatry Research, at Northwell Health. 

As Director she led the RAISE Early Treatment Program (RAISE ETP) and the Improving Care and Reducing Cost Program (ICRC) which were both successful

in recruiting a large number of patients from community clinics across the country. She received her B.S.N. from The University of Michigan. In her spare time she enjoys cooking for friends and family.

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