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Our new Senior Clinical Research Coordinator is Maria Florento at The Vanguard Research Group.

Maria Florento

Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

Maria Florento joined the Vanguard Research Group team as a Senior Clinical Research Coordinator in 2022. Maria really enjoys research and is passionate about improving access to mental health care resources for all. Maria is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Science and has been employed with Northwell Health since 2015. Her previous position was an Assistant Research Coordinator at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research. She spent 4 years working for the national Diamond Blackfan Anemia Registry at Northwell Health, which is a research organization that is dedicated to acquiring, analyzing and disseminating information to affected individuals. There, she was responsible for data collection and analysis, protocol development and clinical trial execution. She aims to continue to identify and address gaps in varying populations to improve health outcomes. Maria loves traveling and exploring new places.

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