Vanguard Research Group Leadership

Mark Westlake, Site Clinical Research Manager and part of The Vanguard Research Group Team

Mark Westlake

Site Clinical Research

Mark recently joined the Vanguard Research Group in July 2019. Prior to Vanguard, he was working as a Research Coordinator for the department of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep at Northwell Health. Mark worked closely with clinicians implementing LAI (long acting injectables) program for patients with Asthma. In addition, Mark has worked on several clinical trials in the areas of not only Asthma, but COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Critical Care inpatient trials at both North shore and LIJ hospitals, and Sleep trials such as narcolepsy. At Vanguard, Mark supports clinical sites with study startup procedures and implementation. 

Mark has said that he “appreciates when he gets to interact with naïve research sites and watch them grow through the process and understanding on how to properly conduct clinical trials. Especially since these drugs/devices could be future medications so it is imperative we all learn together to push medicine forward.”

In his free time, Mark enjoys a wide range of sports, activities, and any kind of adventures such as traveling nationally and internationally. Some of these include hockey, baseball, swimming and surfing. In addition to being active, Mark does enjoy spending quality time with his family, down time at the beach and cooking delicious meals.

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